Saturday, February 20, 2010

Contents of a Sidewalk

I was walking around Sunset Park yesterday when I noticed some interesting trash on the ground: an empty box of Trojan MAGNUM condoms, and close by was a candy wrapper. Now, consider this: I was walking on the park side of the street - where there is no trash pickup. And, we've just had heavy snow and the sidewalk is lined with mounds of shoveled and plowed snow. From this, I concluded that this was not trash that blew there from a trash can - it was litter, meaning someone dropped it there during a walk or, er, ahem, other shenanigans.

What takes place on a sidewalk by the park that involves Magnum-size condoms and a candy bar?! The mind boggles! Was this a late-night tryst followed by a snack break? Was the chocolate eaten first, like an aphrodisiac, and followed by a sex act with a large endowed man? Or did some teenager just empty a pocket or purse? I must confess, there was no evidence of a used, lonely condom (click here for more condom haiku). Part of what makes city life so fun is seeing random objects like this close together and thinking about how they got there.

Condom box and candy wrapper. Weird.


What shenanigans
transpired to produce an
empty condom box?


Quiet family park,
but your trash tells odd stories:
condom box, candy.

By day, soccer balls,
but at night, strange trash appears.
What does it all mean?


OMG, it's still there! I went for a walk today and the box is still there!

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