Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Happy Chinese New Year! How are you New Year's Eve resolutions coming along? If you've given up on yours, here are some to consider:

I eagerly await your comments on YOUR pet peeves! Post 'em below!


MsV said...

I love your pink hair. I also LOVED your I hate Mondays/neighbors poem. It spoke to my heart. I have a neighbor that hacks every day constantly, like they are dying, but then they dont, and goes on to cough another day, I can hear it w/tv/stereo, heater, or air on. I also have a 1st floor neighbor who blasts their stereo or tv starting in the morning, to very late at nite at times, it's obnoxious. As well as this dude that has a car alarm that goes off literally every 5 minutes, everything sets it off, it's a nightmare. A bird shits on the wire and it goes off, it's flippin ridiculous. Yep, welcome to section 8 public housing in weirdsville, ya'll

V. Alison (Taylor) Whou said...

OMG, your neighbors sound worse than mine! I think my next video will be about Brian, just for you! Hey, write some haiku about your neighbors!

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