Monday, October 5, 2009

Hip Fat & Tight Clothes

Is it sexy? Plenty of ladies in my neighborhood seem to think so. I'm not against chubby folks. I just think you should dress for your size. And I wish this trend for spandex-like clothes would go away, because so few people can pull it off. A few weeks ago, I actually saw someone wearing tight leggings, and she was sooooo skinny, they were loose on her! Ewwwww!

tight bra with four boobs
in the front and sausages
running down the back

rolls of fat jiggle
bursting out of too tight pants
this is not sexy

before you get dressed
in that tight mess, showing your
Camel toe - say NO!


Take our poll! Have you had enough of the tight clothing trend?

Rolls of back fat peeping out from a too-small shirt and too-tight pants are:
Sexy and HAWT!
Eww! Tacky and stupid!
uggs boots

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