Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Boy Bands

Ah, remember the good ole 1990's? When NSYNC and Backstreet Boys and a host of other delicious jailbait dudes danced around for the amusement and screams of little girls? Boy bands have been around even before the debut of The Beatles, and there will always be new boy bands.

NSYNC was always my favorite boy band. I think the reason was Joey Fatone and his ever-changing hair color. But mostly the trend at that time was for the group to look "put together" - dressed by some stylist, they had individuality but also looked like a group. The Beatles always looked so smart with their matching suits and playfully mussed haircuts.

But what's up with the Jonas Brothers? Maybe I'm too old for boy bands, but the Jonas brothers always look so goofy and poorly dressed. Is it just me? Half the time they look pretty good, but some of their outfits just look downright sloppy. Maybe that's how you crazy kids dress these days!

But me, I miss the days of high-concept costumes! Give me vintage Duran Duran any day! I think today's music scene needs that - and that's why Lady Gaga kills on the Billboard charts! Lady Gaga has the most clever and outrageous costumes since the days of Freddy Mercury and Peter Gabriel, and I hope this trend is here to stay! I love weird more than mainstream!


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Nicely "put together" pop stars: Jonas Brothers, vintage Duran, Lady Gaga - how does she get her hair to do that?!

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