Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday featured Poet: Huck's Ship

I just happened to notice I had a comment to moderate - didn't realize I had that feature turned on so I apologize to "Matt" of Huck's Ship blog. He posted a wonderful poem in the comments of one of my posts. He made this Angry Poet gush with a huge "awwwwww!" So here it is - not quite in the tone of this blog, but quite provocative. Many thanks to Matt for sharing this and I hope you'll visit again and post more or request to be a featured poet! Enjoy:

Carol gives a book
It's Provocative Haiku
What's it say to me?

My name's Matt, ya see?
A Flintoid style Yankee
Live from Biloxi

Shipbuilder by trade
family man, father, husband
poems live in my heart.

Family's in V A
I toil alone for six months
Just one more week left

knowing he wouldn't,
drinking alone at the corner bar
I think of dad

cooling it
afternoon rain
boils the pool

Try as I might
I can't throw
my shadow higher

By the time
it reaches me
the thunder is over

on the glassy pond
insects skate at night
ripples across the moon


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