Monday, October 12, 2009

David Bowie = cool

I simply can't say a bad word about David Bowie. To me, he is the epitome of cool. You could make fun of his crazy outfits from back in the day, but that's why I always liked him. David Bowie is provocative! His ever-changing personas were strange, weird, queer in the truest non-faggy sense of the word. He's an artist and his music and stage shows were creative expressions of his art. He's also a true performer - one of those rare people born to be on stage, like Freddie Mercury.

The next rainy afternoon where you find yourself with nothing to do, go rent "The Man Who Fell To Earth" or watch some vintage tour footage. (If you want a strange laugh, listen to very old Bowie - "Laughing Gnome.") You, too, will fall in love with my glitter prince!


Ziggy played and morphed -
thin pale duke from space, insane
in spandex, vinyl.

Tall slender dancer
with guitar or saxophone,
Bowie equals cool.


Boy, it was so hard choosing only a few Bowie pictures for this post. He had so many great crazy costumes and so many great suits! Some of his stuff was so outrageous, much like Peter Gabriel's creations from his days with Genesis. Hey, who do you think is weirder? Vintage David Bowie or Peter Gabriel during his days with Genesis? Vote on it! And won't you please consider writing a haiku about one or both of them?
Who had the craziest costumes and makeup?
David Bowie
Peter Gabriel
uggs boots

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