Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blueberry Pie

The best pie in the world is _____.

According to Ross Kahn, it's blueberry! Here's a poetry submission from him:

I can't deny
blueberry pie

And one from his lovely wife Ellen:

blueberries aren't very blue
they're more of a purple hue

Dear Readers, what is your favorite pie? Post a haiku about it in the comments. I'm getting dangerously close to my wedding date, and all snacks are off, so won't you let me live and snack vicariously through your poems? I've often stated that "I've never met a pie I didn't like!" and I even have a Top 5 pie list because I can't choose a favorite.

Top 5 Pie List:
  • Pumpkin
  • Cherry
  • Key Lime - but only if it will make me cry
  • Shoe Fly
  • Banana Cream

Yes, that's right - to all you Key Lime Pie Posers out there. Key Lime Pie is only good if it's made from actual limes, not lemon juice concentrate. And it better bring tears to your eyes or else it's a fake! The best Key Lime Pie in the whole world comes from Gorin's Diner in Atlanta, GA. My Mom will testify that I cried while I ate it because it was so tart - my eyes were watering like my mouth! And yet...could not...stop...eating it...


Gorin's Diner high:
key lime pie that makes you cry!
it is to die for!


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Huck's Ship said...

Everyone loves pie,
but angels eat cake!

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