Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Swine Flu Ah-choo! at you!

Coughing, wheezing jerk.
Sneezing your snot all over.
Damn! Cover your mouth!


Okay, my other pet peeve - people on the subway just spewing their potentially biohazardous fluids into shared air. Why doesn't everyone know to cover their mouth? Little kids know it. Doctors and nurses know it. But adults in New York City do NOT. At the height of the swine flu scare here in the city, there were people walking around the city wearing dust masks on their faces. There was an actual shortage of surgical and dust masks in the city.

About a month ago, I was on the subway train headed to work and this one guy started sneezing - over and over again. His head was whipping all over the place from the force of his sneezing. Maybe that's why he didn't feel the need to cover his mouth with his free hand. If looks could kill, then there were a dozen people murdering this guy with their angry stares because swine flu was still in the news. I was just about to say something when his sneezing fit stopped.

What's a citizen to do? Should I offer a tissue? Is it okay if I ask him to cover his mouth? Is it only okay to ask because we're all trapped in tight quarters, breathing the same air, or can I ask people on the sidewalk too? As a person exposed to strangers on a daily and hourly basis, is it my right to educate people about public manners and germs? Does anyone else experience this?

Your thoughts in the comments are appreciated! Because as a train rider, I really do stress about this situation and others of a biohazardous nature. Tune in tomorrow for more on that!


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