Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spitting - just STOP it already!

Ok, one more and I swear we will move on to cleaner territory - like the return of some awesome repeat poets tomorrow! See what some of our Friday Featured Poets are up to! One was interviewed for BBC television and another has summer performances coming up!

And now for another pet peeve - people spitting in public. For obvious reasons, no picture.

When I lived in Texas, there was nothing worse than guys partaking in the disgusting habit of "chew" - shredded tobacco you keep under the gum in front of your teeth. Do you chew it all day? Suck on it? I don't know. But I do know that guys would carry around a disposable cup - usually clear plastic - so that you could see their nasty brown spit collect... all... day... long... G-R-O-S-S-with-a-capital-G!!!!! The site of these cups would actually make me gag.

Enter my arrival at New York City, thinking I've left that all behind. And I have - no one chews tobacco here. But people do spit, for no apparent reason, on the sidewalk. Men, women, kids, teens, grandmas - hocking major loogies and spitting them on the sidewalk right in front of your feet, or if you're lucky, into a garbage can. And I'm not talking about someone with a cold who is coughing up phlegm. I'm talking about people who suddenly just... spit. What is so foul about your own saliva that you can't swallow it? What's in your mouth that needs to be ejected? And why ON THE SIDEWALK?!!!!

Somebody please enlighten me!


Your coughing warns me
to watch your mouth and avoid
the coming goober.


Waiting for the train,
suddenly you spit on ground.
Why? The can is here!


Glistening spit pile -
LOOK OUT! Splattered on the ground!
Watch your step - always.


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