Friday, August 7, 2009

Returning Poets for this Friday

I've made so many virtual friends because of this blog! And I'm so inspired by what they're doing with their poetry. I'm not a big fan of traditional poetry - I guess I'm just not girly enough to appreciate it. But a lot of the poets we've seen on this blog are not only poets - they're artists of some kind.

Let's look at Kim Northrop - she's mainly an artist and also a damn fine photographer! But I think she's really onto something with her Bitter Employee Haiku series. Just like a Dilbert cartoon, anyone with an office full of drama can relate to her poems.

We recently looked at Alan Summers from merry old England who was part of The Fourth Plinth art project. He took his opportunity to make words a very interactive experience. And I think it showed how similar people are all over the world. He was interviewed by BBC television about his idea - click here. He was also recently featured on BBC Bristol for a poetry contest they're having - you can read his entry here.

One of my Craigslist finds, Scott Raven T., has got to be one of the hardest working poets in the world! I don't know when this boy has time to pursue acting, because he is too busy creating poetry! And he does it in so many forms. He performs live (solo and with The Mayhem Poets) but he's also created some video shorts. He's currently working on material for his next tour and you can suggest topics by emailing him! (I suggested bacon, for my new friend Margaret Finnegan!). He's also part of the New Street Poets, a group of 6 poets that write and perform their own plays. The next one is due out soon, so get on their mailing list!

Scott Raven T.

Alan Summers videos:
BBC interview about my Fourth Plinth spot:
Fourth Plinth video archive page:

Scott Raven T.'s video shorts:

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Margaret said...

Thanks for the call out. I've totally got to write a bacon poem.

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