Monday, August 10, 2009

Graffiti Truck

This truck is usually on the corner of my office building. I found out from my friend (who works the lobby door) that it belongs to one of the companies in our building, and that another company in our building views it as an eyesore - so much so that they offered to pay for a parking garage spot if only they would move this truck from the side of our building.

HAH! That is funny for so many reasons. Firstly, no one on the street is going to know this truck belongs to someone in our building. Secondly, this is NYC, where graffiti is a way of life. It's everywhere! And this is actually a nice example of it - full coverage! colorful! I've seen worse. I think this truck is pretty artistic.

A friend of mine who is a HUGE fan of graffiti told me that "KUMA" is a tag of a fairly well-known graffiti artist. I've seen KUMA's tags on buildings and MTA property. I have some photos somewhere of better graffiti. There was an awesome wall of portraits in the Village that has since been painted over. I've included a crappy cell phone video of it here.


Beat-up truck, alone
overnight, punks covered you
with wild graffiti!

Is it improvement?
Opinions differ, but all
passers-by stop, look.



Margaret said...

That's a whole different kind of poetry.

Alison said...

D'oh! Apparently my video never posted, even though I've attached it 3 times. I'll try to add it at some point.

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