Friday, August 14, 2009

Poets: Call for Submissions!

Haiku fans - Provocative Haiku wants you! You could be the Friday Featured Poet!

You've got pet peeves, gripes, rants. You've got funny, outrageous, shocking, thought provoking things to express. Don't you wanna be featured here on a Friday? Sure you do!

I'm even going to suggest some topics that I will be writing about in the next weeks. You can send in a haiku about any topic. Got a website? We'll promote it for you!

Upcoming Topics include:
• Celebrity Trash - like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan

• Blockbuster Movies You Love but also Hate - maybe it's Harry Potter, Twilight, Transformers, etc. or a "chick flick"

• Plastic Surgery Nightmare(s)

• What's the deal with guys blasting music out of their cars?

• People who throw trash on the ground, a few feet away from a trash can - what gives?!

• Recycling - is it helping? is it a pain in the butt?

• Bacon, cheese, and sugar - the ultimate trifecta of things we're told not to eat but we can't get enough of

• Why does the K-Town section of Manhattan always smell like fish?

• Tornado Chasers - exciting or stupid?

• First Date Fiascos

• My Job Sucks Big Time

• Who stole my office lunch? Who poked a hole in my sandwich? Who ate the last donut?

• Boobs: with great power comes great responsibility (I'm counting on you, Kender!)

• Hip fat and tight clothes - is it sexy?

• Boy Bands

• Miley Cyrus

• The best pie in the world is: _____

• Beer & shenanigans

• David Bowie (for no reason - I just want to see what you can come up with!)

You may also come up with your own crazy topics. I invite readers who are not poets to post topics in the comments to help spark the creativity!

If you want, we can compile the best ones and have a vote! You KNOW you want in on this action, so email me! If possible, include your picture so that we may gaze upon the faces of our poets.


Margaret said...


Margaret said...

Ok. Here is my butter Haiku. More nostalgic than provocative, but here goes. It is called Butter and Sugar.

Butter and sugar
Mix until creamy. Add egg.
Almost a cookie.

Alan Summers said...

Cooking haiku, sounds good to me! ;-)

all my best,
With Words Online Haiku Competition

Huck's Ship said...

Carol gives a book
It's Provocative Haiku
What's it say to me?

My name's Matt, ya see?
A Flintoid style Yankee
Live from Biloxi

Shipbuilder by trade
family man, father, husband
poems live in my heart.

Family's in V A
I toil alone for six months
Just one more week left

knowing he wouldn't,
drinking alone at the corner bar
I think of dad

cooling it
afternoon rain
boils the pool

Try as I might
I can't throw
my shadow higher

By the time
it reaches me
the thunder is over

on the glassy pond
insects skate at night
ripples across the moon

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