Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Ninja Fly by Nick Terzi

Nick Terzi has appeared on this blog before. He likes to wear understated plaid shirts and an "old man hat." LOL! He's my cousin and I love him - he's a sci fi geek like me. Here's his first poetry debut! It's not a haiku, but it cracked me up and I think it's something we can all relate to! I feel a bit humbled by my "poetry fight" last week, so maybe we'll feature some other forms of poetry on this blog. But, the rest of this month is dedicated to budding entrepreneurs, forced to adapt to this sucky economy. Nick has adapted many times over the years, and he's not afraid to be self-employed. Nick is always looking for freelance work and he's an awesome flash developer and programmer. His website is one of the coolest I've seen and he also wrote the music for it: www.nickterzi.com


July 11, 2009, Nick Terzi writes:

You are asking to be killed
Buzzing around my office
Flying around my head
Nearly touching my hair
I try to squash you but miss
You pause long enough for me to let my guard down
I try to work but you buzz me again
And again
I swat at you with my clipboard
Seemingly knocking you out of the sky
But I am wrong
For a minute later you are back to antagonize me
You even land directly

On the face

Of my monitor

And then try to land on my hand

In a purposeful attempt to provoke me

My ire grows wildly as you evade my more than twenty attempts at taking your life
I upgrade my weapon of death

And yet you still escape it

You are so much more skilled than your peers
I squashed them easily
More skilled not by a few points
But by many degrees
You are quite the ninja fly

But I am determined

I've entitled this: The Ninja Fly

And as of this writing... he's still buzzing around here somewhere.

I can actually picture Nick hunting this fly in his office! He inspired me to write the following:

A fly is buzzing
And I am hunting it - SWAT!
I am the winner!

But alas, I'm not!
Fly has escaped - still buzzing,
the chase continues.

My office is destroyed and
the telephone rings.

Client with more work
distracts me and for now the
fly is the winner.


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Sheila Hageman said...

Sigh...he's so cute!

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