Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Slutty Office Wear

A long time ago, somebody started the idea that it was okay to dress like a porn star at the office. I'm going to blame it on Heather Locklear's miniskirts on "Melrose Place." The trend is still prevalent on TV today, and in New York City, you see girls and women everywhere copying it. Hey, I'm all for dressing however you want. But don't expect to get any respect at the office. You are kidding yourself if you think your boobs don't have power over men. And in the office, they have the power to destroy your integrity. I probably sound old-fashioned saying that, but it's the truth. There is hard science behind how you dress at the office correlates to your success at getting ahead. Think about it before you wear something like this to your office job:

It's pure stupidity to think that TV reflects real life. Do yourself a favor and don't copy what celebrities are doing on TV. And I hope I don't have to point out that reality TV is not reality at all - I know someone who produces some of those shows. What is it about a TV camera that brings out the worst in people? A haiku for another time.


Little girl in heels
Clicking the sidewalk, to work:
Big city office.

We can tell you just
graduated and you
watch too much TV

because your short skirt
barely covers your butt cheeks,
(hope you wear panties)

And your boobs displayed
from your cleavage busting out
from a tight jacket.

You dream of boss’s
acknowledgement, promotion,
career advancing.

But you spin your wheels
because you look like a whore,
not an employee.

TV misled you -
Not proper office dress code.
You wonder at it -

You get some perks but
no one takes you serious.
And HE gets the raise!

You feel TV lied
but it’s a corporate job,
not a techno club.

You haven’t yet learned:
to dress for the rat race game,
put your boobs away.


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