Monday, June 22, 2009

Boobs! bonus from Kender MacGowan

A special bonus for your dreary Monday morning! BOOBS! The following is not a haiku, but it's very well written and I know it will make you smile.

An Ode to the Boob
by Kender MacGowan

They jiggle they bounce
They wiggle and sway
Mounds of perfection
On chests as they lay
Whether large ones
Or small ones
Or ones in between
Call them breasts
Call them boobies
Or fun bags supreme
The size doesn’t matter
Nor does what they’re named
Flash a pair at a man and
He’ll soon be quite tamed
Young lads become speechless
And old farts will smile
When a pair is popped out
With wink and some wile
We care not if they’re natural
Or enhanced quite a bit
They thing that we wonder
Can we play with the tit
So excuse us our glares
Our sly looks and our leers
But they’d be so much better
If they’d just dispense beers


Well said! Remember, you can enjoy more of Kender's work by reading his book. Check out Shattered Ashen Heart which is available at

Join us tomorrow for a different point of view about boobs.


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kender said...

thanks's one of my favorites

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