Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mommy Power Struggles

What is the deal with New York City moms and their baby strollers?! I totally get it that the sidewalks are crowded and they have places to go. It’s got to be annoying for them to navigate while pushing a heavy stroller, sometimes with wheels that don’t want to cooperate. My problem is with the moms on a wide open sidewalk that feel the need to push their stroller toward me. What the hell?! It’s like they’re pissed off at everyone! They’re even pissed off at other moms, because I’ve seen two mothers pushing strollers in opposite directions and they didn’t budge for the mom headed towards them. There’s some sort of unspoken power struggle going on and I’m sick of it!


Fast baby strollers
Barreling down the sidewalk -
Better watch your feet!


Angry moms pushing
Strollers, hogging sidewalks to
Claim territory.

A power struggle
for space – the strollers like tanks
crushing opposers!

Don’t get in the way!
Immovable, they push on -
You must step aside.


Mom with a stroller,
don’t push that thing towards me -
I’ll kick your baby.


1 comment:

Sheila said...

OMG, I know! As a mom who pushes a stroller always trying to stay out of others' way, this makes me crazy!

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