Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Featured Poet: Matthew Harris

Well, I had to use Craigslist to find some poets, and they did not disappoint! Our first is Matthew Harris from Pennsylvania!

He calls himself the “bard of Belmont Hills” and “enjoys fiddling with the basic building blocks of English language to express his ordinary sentient sentiments!” He has a “fascination with uncommon ways of communication, digression, elocution and expression gives many an unsuspecting recipient indigestion!”

His bio in his own words is hilarious so even though it’s long, I had to include it:

“Aesthetics = usual blue billy jean king crimson casual appearance; Age = ah, this just an arbitrary number, but truth be told I made one cold winter day nearly half century ago -- see boithday for specifics; Belief = atavistic, born again rehashed nonestablishmentarian unitarian; Birthday = January thirteenth nineteen hundred and fifty nine; Chest = mostly hairless and flat; Economic hierarchy = one of the commoners or regular layman presently trudging over rocky terrain, yet who hopes to till fertile ground whence the orders from king george overruled by a less abominable regime; Eye color = hazel o leary; Face = angular, clean shaven and somewhat narrow; Feet = between size 8 - 9 and each counting five fingers apiece, which variation depends on the new york sock market; Hair color = somewhat brown, longish and wavy with an increasing number of silver follicles; Health = disease and drug free or a more apt metaphor would be fit as a fiddle with a tendency to become unstrung; Height = about seventy inches or about five feet and ten inches; Hobbies = arithmetic, chess, computer trouble shooting, cooking, contra-dancing, crossword puzzles, cryptograms, exercising, meditating, reading about sex while walking the walk and writing my autobiography; Legs = slightly covered with hair and also skinny; Location = ardmore, bala cynwyd, belmont hills, city line, lower merion - all those place names about a dozen miles west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania including the planet uranus.”

And now for his work - Enjoy!


Zison family rage
unforgivable loathing
threaten eviction!


Sibling rivalry
contention daily affair
foments name calling!


At a half century
nostalgic for boyhood day
blissful innocence!


Pledged troth smitten love
marriage devoid of pleasure
fancy liaison!


Deux daughters special
eden and shana their names
wished to father son!


Woebegone childhood
fosters unrequited dreams
mortality teases!


If you’d like to be a Friday Featured Poet, just send me at least 3 haikus (hopefully fitting the tone of this blog) and a bio about yourself.

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