Monday, June 15, 2009

The many forms of "foot traffic"

Motorized scooter tied up in front of the SIBL Library.

New Yorkers are not content to merely walk or drive to work. Oh, no. We want new and interesting ways to RIDE in the city. In addition to bikes, skateboards, and motorized wheelchairs, I have seen kids and adults on Razor scooters, Ripstiks (stick skateboard), Vespas, Segways, roller blades, roller skates, and even sneakers with retractable wheels. It wouldn't be so bad except someone from every category has tried to do this on the sidewalk during rush hour. Some days, I really hate being a pedestrian.

But, on a more positive note, during the transportation strike a few winters ago, it was truly amazing to see all the different ways people were utilizing to get to work. I saw them while I walked the Manhattan Bridge. I saw people with crutches making their way to work on the bridge. Wow. And it was bitterly cold outside. I guess New Yorkers really love their jobs. More likely, they really need the money.


Motorized scooter -
Of all ways trying for speed,
you are slowest, but --

Segway on sidewalk
Is the lamest! Annoying,
pompous, lazy ride.


View of Manhattan Bridge from a restaurant on the South Street Seaport pier. I love this photo because it looks so real! We're not really sitting next to each other. Bruce worked his Photoshop magic and pieced 2 photos together.


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