Thursday, June 4, 2009

Subway Characters...more from the book

Awwwww yeah, boiiiiii! All the freaks come out at night in NYC, ya'll! Actually, you can see freaks 24/7 in New York City. City life has its ups and downs, positives and negatives, pros and cons. Here are some haiku from my first book - brief glimpses of actual New Yorkers. I've seen worse - I just haven't written about them yet!


Empty subway car.
But no one moves to get in
due to homeless man.


A great day shattered,
by a stranger in public
who’s picking his nose.


Riding the subway,
you realize that there are
kids that you could kill.


The subway rush hour -
people run to closing doors.
Arms or feet are trapped.

Pry the door open,
holding it for sneaking friends.
Conductor is mad!

but must be polite.
Riders with eyes of daggers
haunt the delayers.

The Battery of the Battery Man

He sneaks on and yells:
“Battree battree battery!”
He sells batteries.

He takes a deep breath:
“Battree battree battery!”
“Two for a dollah!”

Catching his breath, he
yells, “Battree battree battree!”
over and over.

someone needs some double A’s.
He goes on his way,

to the next subway car.
You can hear “Battree! Battree!”
“Two for a dollah!”


Subway commute home -
Bobbing head dangerously
close to touching mine.

Swaying back and forth,
I try to nudge you awake,
but you stay asleep!

And oblivious!
Where is the battery man?
Is it my stop yet?


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