Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ode to the Electric Sewer...more from the book

This is a great picture of an old clock at Grand Central Station. Trains are a part of life in the city - so much of a city dweller's life is spent commuting and putting up with all the aggravation that goes with it. But, you can find beauty in the strangest, dirtiest things in train stations- like this clock, which we could barely see. We pointed the camera and the flash did the rest. The other picture is a close-up of the warning strip on the platform edge. The "eyeballs" on it have always fascinated me. It's like they dare you to stay away!


Racing and running
Argh! My Metro card is stuck!
I missed the train – fuck!


Stuck behind track work.
Re-routed, people confused.
Fucking MTA!


Ode to the Electric Sewer

Tunneling people,
gleaming metal snakes in tubes,
rumbling underground.

The pushing people,
anxious to get in, ride as
sardines in a can.

No personal space,
many elbows in your face,
far below traffic.

Into black darkness,
following the secret paths
lined with graffiti.

With speed, we emerge -
from one noise to another,
platform of garbage.

We pick our way up
through hawkers, performers, to
the city surface.

As a kid, it was
magic, but now just a ride.
Fast, cramped, and noisy.


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