Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Featured Poet: Sheila Hageman

This week's featured poet is my cousin-in-law, Sheila Hageman! She's a "for real and for true" author! And you can read her work on her blog, Stripper Mom, or on her website:

A Provocative Fact: Sheila is a former stripper and has written a memoir about her experience. She currently has an agent and hopes to get a book deal soon. In the meantime, won't you buy your very own "officially licensed" Stripper Mom underwear?

Sheila is so multi-talented! Not only is she a book-lover (as evidenced by the LIBRARY amount of books in her home), but she's a teacher! and a yoga instructor! Sheila teaches creative writing at Hunter College, the school where she graduated as valedictorian with her MFA in Creative Nonfiction. She's also a certified yoga instructor currently holding classes at Fresh Yoga. Sheila makes a mean Mac 'n Cheese, has a fabulous collection of sandals, and is obsessed with coffee.

We're glad she could be here! She wrote these haikus just for Provocative Haiku!


Greasy barstool air,
customers with beer foamed lips
and me, nude on stage.

They beg, take it off.
I comply, naked I stand—
five ones against thigh.

Eyes level with crotch,
fingers fumble with dollars—
my brain atrophies.

My sixth grade teacher
front row and center, face pale.
Who’s disappointed?


OH, that last one kills me!!! I had to ask Sheila about that last haiku, and the answer is yes, it actually happened! :) Great stuff as always for our Friday Featured Poets. Join us! Post your comments or email them to me. Enjoy your weekend!

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Kim Northrop said...

the last one is killer, indeed.

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