Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cheese and Farts

Bruce and I went for dinner in Park Slope a few weekends ago. We just wandered around until we came across this awesome Italian restaurant, Tutta Pasta. And then the weekend after, we went to Aunt Suzie's Restaurant. We highly recommend both places. The food was delicious! Park Slope has a lot of unique cafes and restaurants.

We all know Italian food can sometimes be heavy on the cheese, so of course Bruce was "playing his music" for me. He wrote this haiku just for my blog:

Oh, cheese! It is good.
It goes down the pipes smoothly.
Smelly farts come out.

Actual picture of his dinner from Aunt Suzie's - handmade gnocchi!

Bruce loves cheese - and bacon. If he could eat them all day, every day, that would be his dream. Who doesn't love cheese and bacon?! and the "music" that they produce?! Here's one from my book which I wrote for Bruce:

Flying Boxer Monkeys

With an impish grin,
He says to pull his finger.
But I know that game.

His pants are silent,
Then flying monkeys erupt.
Air moves his boxers.

And you blame it on
snow frogs, barking spiders and
stepping on a duck.

Noise followed by smell.
We both know it was you! Why
can’t you admit it?!


Gaseous though he may be, Bruce Whou is my fiancee, soulmate, and BFF. He's a musician, an artist, and a sci-fi geek. He's currently writing a science fiction novel "Statement of Trains" and also writing on-the-fly at his blog - very dark stuff at - check it out before it disappears, as he's always revamping that site. You can also check out the hilarity we create together at

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