Monday, May 11, 2009

Destroyed Phone Booth

This is one of my favorite photos! This crime scene occurred right outside my office last year. On the corner, there's usually a bagel cart right in front of this phone booth. Based on the angle of the hit (it's leaning into the street), this smash was not caused by car traffic. I have a feeling that the bagel guy backed into it when he was hitching up his cart to leave, but I could be wrong.

The whole scene made me realize that cell phones have really taken over our lives. I haven't seen anyone use a public phone booth - except for protection from the rain - in over 5 years! Do they serve any public service anymore? Everyone has a souped up cell phone, iPhone, or Blackberry. Most everyone has unlimited minutes on their phone, so if you had a emergency, chances are you could borrow a stranger's cell phone.

I think public phones are still around for making prank calls or anonymous calls. Perhaps that's a subject for a future post?!


Telephone booth smashed!
Prickly glass bits stick my feet.
My shoes now have holes.


“Caution” tape at scene -
someone murdered the phone booth!
No cops – just cleanup.


Who will mourn this heap?
Unused public phone was killed!
No one cries for you.


Pile of broken glass
does not slow down Crackberry
man who walks and texts.


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Anonymous said...

I like the one about the Crackberry man.

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