Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spotlight on Brian

Well, I said I could do a whole book about Brian, the drunken, noisy neighbor who lived upstairs from us. Here's a sample. I wish I could post his picture here, because his face says so much! He's gotta be around 50 years old but looks 70 from so much abuse of his liver. And I'm not calling him a drunken neighbor to sound more colorful - he really is an alcoholic.

Cops have been to our apartment building because of him, although they never came for the 3 calls I made. I think the police have given up on trying to help him. He slapped his own daughter - and how do I know? because I heard his wife yelling at him about it. Oddly enough, the daughter lived in the apartment across the hall from him. We haven't seen her in our building for over a year, so I guess she "escaped." I wish the wife would, too. But the battered woman syndrome is a complicated situation. I don't think Brian has ever hit his wife, but they argue terribly. It's sad, because she could do so much better.


He has a disease,
drinks too much and beats his wife,
She should leave him now.


Brian just got home.
I hear the clinking of beer.
Bad rock music starts.

God dammit, Brian!
“Wrestling match” sounds from above.
Why aren’t you tired?!

Brian is hammered,
Speech stammered, he falls again -
A thundering clunk.

Why is it that you
get loud by 4 a.m. and
not pass out sooner?!


Wish he would move out
but rent stabilization
has Landlord’s hands tied.


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