Friday, April 17, 2009

I hate fragrance!

I am so sick of the fragrance industry. Everyone in New York City is loading on too much perfume or cologne from some new celebrity. Do we really need all these new smells? I wouldn't mind it so much if people we use the correct amount. I have had to move to a different subway car because of people who envelope themselves in a cloud of noxious gas. I have crossed to the opposite sidewalk because of people walking with a 50 foot trail of fumes behind them. As a migraine sufferer, it's really a problem to navigate around people. Sometimes they're scent is so strong, it's too late - you get a whiff and you feel it hit the back of your nose and your brain and you know you'll have a headache in about 10 minutes.


Desperate lady,
stinking of too much perfume.
That's why you're single.


What's your city gripe? Crowded sidewalks? Traffic? Garbage? Long wait at the restaurant? Stupid people? Post it here in the form of a haiku!


Sheila Hageman said...

How about suburban indoor mall jungle gym gripe?

Soft, padded jungle
crazed animals roam about--
Mall on rainy day.

Kim Northrop said...

certain city ladies...

pampered skin and nails
meticulously coiffed
but many tree rings

Alison said...

Sheila! What would the other mothers say?! I love it!

Kim, you are so right about "many tree rings"!

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