Thursday, April 16, 2009

Roommate Trouble...more from my book

Half asleep, at sink -
wash face, get ready for bed.
Oops, that’s his toothbrush.


Noon came, I went to the fridge.
Someone stole my lunch.


She made the dinner,
and asks, “So, how does it taste?”
I must think up lies.


Cautious, I enter.
Pristine and white, the toilet
stench overwhelms me.


Loud thumping noises.
Drunken Brian lives upstairs.
I wish he would die.


I could write a whole blog about Brian. He may pop up in here again, as his life in our apartment building provides SOOOOO much drama - and noise. Please, pretty please, add your haiku here about your own troubling roommate or neighbor stories. >:)


Kim Northrop said...

so funny. srsly,

if i was drinking
milk it would be coming
out of my nose now

Alison said...

YES! so clever! this is what I wanted people to do - comment in haiku. Oh Kim, you're so talented!

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