Monday, April 20, 2009

Kaiju Big Bat-tel craziness!

Recently, I went to see a Kaiju Big Battel "wrestling" match in Williamsburg. It was awesome! It was like pro wrestling but with crazier costumes. Think of it as people pretending to be Godzilla and stomping around on fake city buildings. My favorite villain was French Toast, a guy in a giant waffle suit. Check it out for yourself:

There were quite a few young boys who came to enjoy the show, and some came in homemade costumes. But the majority of fans were adults who raced liked little kids to press their faces up to the ropes of the ring. I was expecting sit-down seating, and was surprised when we all entered a ballroom with a wrestling ring in front of a stage. Thankfully, for short people such as myself, you had to look up to see the action, so even though it was "standing room only," everyone had a good view.

The evening was going smoothly, everyone was having a great time. Most people let the kids move up to the front lines of the action. They also had a giant video screen where you could see what the camera guys were taping for the next DVD. The MC of the evening was terrific - he looked like Elijah Wood and was very energetic. This was good clean fun - pure wackiness. But there's always one or two fools who have to annoy everyone else.

A group of 3 guy friends, all in their early 20's, had obviously had too much to drink. One could barely stand up and was bumping into people as he attempted to dance or cheer for the match. Maybe he thought he was at a rock concert, who knows? The bartenders must have been too busy to notice their inebriation because they kept getting more beer. This was a mixed crowd, but it's too easy to say someone's mom called the bouncer; because they were staggering all over the place and people were getting annoyed.

I'm convinced two of them pissed in the equipment closet, which I think is beyond rude and really mean. Call me an old fart, but I was about to find a bouncer when one came over to observe them. Shortly after, the most obnoxious one was dragged away with one friend following. The other had bailed out and disappeared. Coward! American Beetle and Robox will get you next time! Swaaaaah!


Stupid drunk frat boys!
Too much beer, can barely stand,
pissing on the wall.

The bouncer sees them
bumping into mad strangers,
spilling people’s drinks.

The bouncer grabs them!
Drags them outside, they protest.
The rest of us cheer!


Sheila Hageman said...

I love your blog!

Kim Northrop said...


beer, chips and puking
could be spring break, could be
vacation nightmare

Alison said...

Oh, puking is such a great word. I think I'll do a post about it.

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