Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Featured Poet: Jeff Terzi

Pirate Alison & Samurai Jeff, Halloween last year->

Welcome to our first featured poet:
Jeff Terzi

Not only is Jeff my cousin (which made it easy to cajole him into participating), he's also a very talented photo retoucher, photographer, and artist. Jeff is also an accomplished martial artist who is currently studying kendo. And he dabbles in poetry.

"People I Know" is a collection of haiku about real people close to Jeff. He won't tell me who they're about. Just so you know, he did write nice poems about some people, but I've only included here his "sharper" ones - because this is Provocative Haiku! And we like our haiku to sting. I hope you enjoy!

You can visit Jeff (and even hire him!) at

People I know

How can someone so
intelligent self aware
do such stupid things


I do not hate you
though you speak out of your ass
I fear I’m like you


I’m supposed to love
you because you’re family
will I mourn your death


I almost forgot
to write a poem for you
you don’t seem to care


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