Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Atlantic City observations

I went to Atlantic City this weekend with friends. Had a migraine the whole time. I could blame it on all the noise but to be truthful, the migraine started Friday night and I still have it.

I haven't been to Atlantic City in over a decade and a lot has changed. It was more spacious - more room to walk around. Caesar's looked just like Caesar's in Vegas. The machines were quieter since it's all digital - no more "ching ching ching" of the coins falling out. Makes the loud music more noticeable - and you can't get away from it. There's music in the hallways, the restaurants, even in the bathroom.

And why is every ladies' room seat covered in piss?! Ladies, why?! If ya'll would just put paper on the seat and sit yo' @ss down, we would not be doing this blog entry!!!!! If you're gonna squat, then control your (rhymes with squat)!

Other than that, my only other observation is that I am a jaded New Yorker. I went to the mall on the boardwalk, and it was all high-end fashion and luxury goods, all of which I can get in Manhattan on Fifth Avenue. Why are we all so obsessed with paying more money for brand names? They're not better! My grandmother was a seamstress so I know what to look for and I can tell you that a lot of this "upper end" apparel is NOT made better than something you'd find at K-Mart. I'm not going to name names because these places get enough media exposure as it is. I really miss little trendy boutiques that only the locals know about.


Pigs at the buffet
leave the casino trough to
sprinkle the toilet!


Music follows me
No escaping ABBA - please!
Not the bathroom too!


Greedy brand shoppers
want to save at the outlet.
No change for homeless.

He has velvet pants,
fishnet shirt, red boots. He spins
with a radio.

Freaky performer
begging for his money share
of the A.C. pie.


Probably should have taken a photo of that guy with the velvet pants, but I was too weirded out.

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Sheila Hageman said...

Ah! Pee on the potty! How fun!

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