Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School! and a contest

School bus as seen from the twelfth floor of an office in Manhattan:

Back to school again:
pounding the snooze button, then
inhale my breakfast.

Race to catch the bus!
Miss! Beg Mom to drive me, then
walk of shame to class.

I no longer dream
of school bus anxiety,
but pink slip from boss.


Yeah, poets! It's back to school time! How many of you have woken up in a cold sweat a week before the first day of school, worried about missing the bus? Used to happen to me every year, and I don't know why - it's not like it was a big deal to show up late.

Grasshoppers, get your writing chops warmed up and try entering one of your haiku into a contest! One of our Friday Featured Poets, Alan Summers was kind enough to post it in one of the comments. Here's a link to it here. There is an entry fee, but you'll get worldwide exposure and be judged by the awesomely talented poet Alan Summers, renga poet-in-residence for City of Hull, in the UK.

The deadline in November 21st, 2010. Check it out!



Alan Summers said...

Thanks Alison, and the competition is for good causes too! ;-)

The British Library has now archived the Fourth Plinth project so it continues to be accessible to everyone around the world.

Here's my archived slot on the Plinth! ;-)

Alan on Antony Gormley’s Trafalgar Square Fourth Plinth Project: Fourth Plinth weblink

all my very best

2010 With Words Haiku Competition: weblink

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

Back to school. lol. Your Ku are all about school and are interrelated. they also are 5-7-5. Was it intentional? Enjoyed reading them.

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