Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Featured Poet: Whitney Tillson!

I'm so tickled about today's poet! Me, Whitney, and her husband Michael, all went to high school together, in the same grade! Yes, they are high school sweethearts! And to make this all even mushier, Michael and I worked at a deli and he caught me as I fainted from cutting my finger. Awwwww! I know, this is all going to ruin my rep as an Angry Poet. They love Halloween, they have the cutest kids ever, and Whitney paints the cutest things! Please check out her her Etsy store here.

Hey, if you're not a Facebook friend of the Angry Poet, you need to be! You could have gotten a preview of today's poetry! Go here now and join the fun! But you can still enjoy all the fun right here, because today's post is a very special "shout out" to "Ms V" who posted a very inspiring comment right here on this blog. It appears I'm not alone in my anger at bad neighbors. I hope Ms V will return and tell us more about her adventures in Section 8 housing. I think I'll do a video post in her honor.

But back to Whitney. She lives in the Delaware Water Gap in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, three dogs, and a cat. In her spare time, she likes to dance, draw, paint, and teach yoga/pilates. She loves art in all of its forms! She says that, thanks to yours truly, she has rediscovered haiku, and even better, has learned how to use it to vent! Here are some haiku for you from Whitney. She lives close to a real doozy of a neighbor. Won't you take a moment to comment on your own neighbors? (You can post anonymously - hint, hint.)

Can I talk to you?
I am met with your swearing.
Why are you yelling?

Leave your shed on mine,
My property becomes yours.
Big Jerk too angry to hear!

You speed down the lane,
on purpose, flashing the bird.
Twice! And Rosey sees.

It is a dead end.
And it is dirt and narrow.
Spinning your tires.

How old are you now?
What? You are at least 50?
And you are a nurse?

Such an angry man.
Too bad life is passing you.
Angry all the time.

Hope I never land
In the hospital with you
As my nurse. Scary!


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