Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Glorious Graffiti!

Alison & Alyce in front of a Village graffiti mural

This one is for my good friend Ellen because she wanted me to write a haiku about graffiti. The boros of New York City have such an abundance of scribble, social and political commentary, and downright detestable filth. But some of it is very clever and artistic. Sometimes it's even encouraged - as evidenced by this massive mural my friend Alyce and I came across.

And these cows are an example of what looks like art but is actually an advertisement. There is no shortage of ads in the city - either legit or "gorilla marketing." I really enjoy the ones that provoke a reaction, or even better, photos!

So much advertising in the city is bland and New Yorkers respond to it with graffiti - often vicious, depraved scribble. Someday I'll dig up my photo of a cute little boy for a healthcare ad that someone drew a Hitler mustache on - and before I could get back with my camera, someone else had added a Zorro mask. Somebody really needs to collect this all in a book! It was my goal at one time to do such a book, but I no longer ride the "C" train which seems to have the best graffiti. If you want to see movie ads where every actress and actor has a doodled penis in front of their face, just ride the "C" train!


Raw, social comment
drawn in a scrawl on the wall,
defacing faces.

happy ad people
juxtaposed with foul language,
mustaches, and cocks!

Graffiti declares
truth of the masses do not
buy what you're selling!


I always wanted to write a haiku with the word "juxtaposed"!!!!! If you've got photos of graffiti, send them in with your haiku about it! That would make for a most excellent Friday Featured Poet spot!


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