Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Featured Poet: Carol Fairman!

Carol Fairman - cat owner and haiku poet

Carol is a buddy of mine from high school. We reconnected on Facebook recently. Ah, Facebook – the ultimate site for blackmail photos – like from the prom! My neighbor up the street, Justin, took her. He was that “crazy neighborhood kid” that everyone wanted to play with. So what does that tell you about Carol! LOL! Egads, she’ll tell you all about my dorky haircuts in high school. And I should get Justin to write some haiku, because I bet he has some crazy things going on inside his brain.

Anyhow, I gave away a few copies of my book to those who would review it for Amazon and she answered the call, even though she had NO IDEA what she was getting into! Bwah hah hah! I’m delighted she actually liked my book. And you get can an autographed copy of it with a personalized poem at my Etsy store! But you know what would be even cooler?! If you bought a used copy from Amazon! Because the back of the book asks readers to write their own haiku on the last page. And I have Carol’s back page haiku right here!

Sounds of soft purring
They rub on my clean black pants
fourteen pounds of fur!


I love it! Even people who don’t live with cats can relate to that one. She also wrote a few more which I thought were beautiful. They’re provocative but in a nice way. I guess this Angry Poet is getting soft. Probably has something to do with my impending wedding next month.


Warm sunshine on my face
Flooded with peace, love and joy
My God is so good.


Passion beyond words
Butterflies at every touch
Our love lasts forever


Aww! That last one really gets me. I bet she wrote it for her wonderful husband, Mike! Many thanks to Carol for letting me share these with you. If you want to be a featured poet, let me know.



Alan Summers said...

That's a really lovely photograph! ;-)

Sometimes publicity photos can be so boring, but this is a really good photo.

Enjoyed the haiku!

all my best,
With Words Online Haiku Competition

Huck's Ship said...

Carol, Carol, HEY!
You, the first featured poet!
Furball named Listor.

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