Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tips for Job Seekers - from Eric Berthoud

Okay, this July we’re focusing on the creative ways people have been making a living. Last week we talked about how Elise started her own greeting card line; Nick is a self-employed freelancer; Jeff & Michelle both work but also promote their photographic talent and art on the side. Let’s talk about people looking for work. This past Friday, Bruce & I were having pizza at Bella Napoli on 7th Avenue and I noticed this postcard on the way out:

Eric Berthoud is a genius!

Eric has taken job hunting to the next level. His postcard acts like a business card, but it’s going to bring him more job leads for several reasons:

* Larger size, full color graphics is very eye-catching
* Website which has portfolio – critical for certain careers
* Mini letter of recommendation – an employer quote!
* Open-ended – he doesn’t state whether he’s looking for a full-time job or freelance gigs – just “seeking work”

I used to work for a staffing agency, and I’m so impressed with his initiative. He’s done so much more than most college graduates starting their job hunt. And with good reason – competition gets tougher for every generation and with today’s economy, you’ve got to be aggressive but also unique, clever, and for some industries, entertaining. A quick look at his website will show you Eric is very entertaining!

Today’s economy demands that all job seekers take a clue from Eric, and by that I mean “keep your options open.” You might not get the full-time job you want. Are you willing to freelance and hunt for work? Are you willing to take on some part-time jobs? And are you willing to advertise yourself? Tune in tomorrow and I’ll give you some tips on how to advertise yourself, from my good friend Debby Robles!

Okay, it's Monday - get back to job hunting - this is the best day of the week for it! Why? Because if you don't do it now, you will get left behind in the pile of applicants who are applying right now for that job you're interested in. When there's no other way to stand out, it's best to be the earliest. Good luck!


Monday job hunting
Scanning job boards, applying
to hundreds of jobs.

The employers are
swamped with too many entries;
There is no reply.

But still you must try
to apply for any… all…
This job market sucks!


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