Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reiki + Fashion Photography = Michelle Shinagawa

Are you inspired by the freelancers we've featured so far? Here's another awesome artist: Michelle Shinagawa! Michelle has a full-time job, but like most artists, it's not enough to work for a fabulous ad agency, she must create her own works of art! You will be amazed by her fashion photography and soothed by her Reiki photography. Michelle is a tri-lingual world traveler, a Reiki master and teacher, and an artist. Whew! I get tired just thinking about half the stuff she's involved in. Michelle has a wonderful eye for detail and composition. I think her Reiki photography might inspire you to write haiku, just like Elise Sherman's! Although it will not inspire you to write haiku for this blog.

From her bio:
Michelle Shinagawa grew up in Osaka surrounded by the overwhelming amount of beauty of Japan's unique culture. At an early age, inspired by this beauty, she developed her own sense of style. Later she went on to study photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology to learn the technical aspects of how to capture and share with the world, what she sees in her mind.

Make sure you check out her website:
and don't forget to click on Reiki Photography! I promise you will be transported to another world.


Hey poets, speaking of other worlds, Politiku has a call for submissions regarding the 40th anniversary of the first lunar landing! The deadline is this Friday! Check it out now and write your otherworldly Politiku! As a David Bowie fan, I feel I must, so here's my submission:

It's ground control to
Major Tom - a song becomes
a reality.

A walk on the moon
instead of cold space! and they
all come home to wives!

One small step into
the final frontier leads to
more innovation.


1 comment:

Margaret said...

Very fun haiku, and your showcased artist sounds fascinating.

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