Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Chinatown in Brooklyn

This past weekend, Bruce & I went to "Little Chinatown" in Brooklyn because we sometimes get a hankering for sweet buns and pork rolls. I should know better than to go there after noon because that when everyone is awake and out of church. It was crowded just like Canal Street in Manhattan. And everyone is just wandering aimlessly and yet pushing you at the same time. I should have taken some pictures of all the crazy market stuff, but I was too annoyed. Let's just say it's pretty weird to see giant mounds of dried mushrooms just out in the open air in a wooden bin. And piles of alien-looking ginger roots. The meat markets are always gross with their BBQ duck in the window - long, skinless bodies hanging from their long necks, but headless. And the fish markets are always fun - lots of live animals squirming in buckets - toads, turtles, eels, crabs, prawns. There's always one fiesty crab trying to escape and there's always some guy watching him and tossing him back in the bucket. Dude, get a taller bucket!


The Chinese market
filled with aromatic herbs
which are good for you.

I am skeptical –
wasabi paste like vomit,
raw ginger like poo.


Everywhere the smell
of fish, wriggling eels, and crabs
trying to escape

from their water filled
buckets lining the sidewalk,
dodging grabbing hands!

And me dodging wheels
from many baby strollers
and old lady carts!


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