Thursday, June 18, 2009

I hate fragrance! part 2

Aerial view of traffic from my office on Madison Avenue.

People, why is it suddenly okay for everyone to douse themselves in gallons of perfume, cologne, and body sprays? I'm pretty sure we're not all that smelly. But thanks to the fragrance industry, we're truly surrounded by the clouds of fragrance that follow people. I have had to cross the street to get away from someone's trailing odor. I've had to move to opposite ends of the subway car to get away from the artificial stank of someone who doesn't know how to use these body products. If your on a bus, forget it! You are trapped in the stench. And air fresheners are getting out of control too! I've had to turn down cabs because they wreaked of perfume. I stopped going to one spa because their idea of aromatherapy was to burn 6 candles, all of them different scents; it didn't promote relaxation - only vomit.

I've got news for these abusers: you're not attracting people, you're repelling them. Think about that before you decide to sweeten your business place or get ready for an important meeting. It's been said that depression kills a person's sense of smell. Perhaps today's economy and the multitudes of jobless people have something to do with this. If you lost your job, I feel for you, I really do. But consider this: if you're too stinky, the job interviewer is going to find some way to cut the interview short, and that's a fact I learned from working at a staffing agency.

People, please cut down on this offending habit. I'm probably too late, as just last week I was out walking and I had to cross the street because a 7 year old - yes, a 7 year old - was wearing too much perfume.


Crowded and smelly,
people everywhere wearing
the latest perfume.

You choke, you smell them
from twenty feet, it's wafting
trailing behind them.

Amazing you can't
smell yourself and see people
avoiding your stench.

Every day stinky
because you apply too much,
no longer smell it.

The new pollution -
thick, sickly sweet smells blending.
Makes me want to puke.

I hate the fragrance
biz - now even small kids
offending my nose.


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