Saturday, November 21, 2009

Special Announcement!!!!!

I have some good news and some bad news! First the bad news - Provocative Haiku blog will be "shut down" while I work on formatting book number two. What does this mean? It means the blog will feature haiku from the first book. I hope to have the new book ready for sale by January 1st.

And now the good news! We're going to experiment with the haiku from book one by having VIDEO blog postings! Yes! I shall once more don my pirate cap and read my poems to you. Perhaps even shout them, angrily, as some of them are meant to be experienced. :)

My inspiration comes from one of our featured poets, T. Raven Scott! Check out his video stuff here: and here:

And my inspiration also comes from an article I read in Book Business magazine which states that while poetry books are not usually best sellers, people use poetry in a variety of ways. Use poetry?! I was surprised to find that a growing category of audio books are poetry, read by the authors who wrote them. It gives fans a deeper understanding of the meaning of the poems, and also gives them more confidence in reading it - as in, reading it aloud. Audio books allow them to better understand the author's emotion or intent behind the poem. It often leads them to explore the works of other poets.

While obviously performance of poetry is not a new idea to people like Scott Raven, I have often thought of exploring it for myself. So, stay tuned for my YouTube channel and MySpace page! Perhaps it will inspire some of you to respond to some of my posts with a recording or video of yourself.

To my American fans, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving for next week! And to my international fans, I want to give thanks for your support - your comments, your participation, and just the fact that I know people are reading my blog is very exciting for me and I'm thankful for your readership! I hope you'll continue to join my journey on the pirate ship of Provocative Haiku!


Ready to set sail
the haiku pirate hopes to
churn water with words!


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