Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Paste-up" Graffiti - Lego heads!

There are so many ways to defile advertisements in New York City! One popular way is "paste-up" graffiti. This technique is only used by the "artsy" graffiti artist who has time and money to design and print up his (or her) own labels or sheets of paper and the wallpapering skills to paste them over ads. I always wonder if there is some other ulterior motive behind this type of graffiti, as evidenced by a group of people who plastered "thought bubbles" all over Manhattan which invited people to participate. Ads became single frame cartoons of unspoken public thoughts. Photos were taken of the really clever ones and made into a book.

Not sure what this artist had in mind by printing up various Lego toy heads - at full human size - and then pasting them all over the 23rd Avenue station of the C, E Train. (The blue subway line has the best graffiti, hands down!) But, the effect is hilarious because the entire station was hit up! If we only saw one head, we find it curious and forgetful. But the repetition turns it into art! Of what kind, I can't comment. I just think it's funny.


Paste-up graffiti
mocks advertising's effort
to sell us something.


Paste-up graffiti
a slap on the ad face can
transform it to art.


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Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

love the second much better. thanks for this

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