Thursday, July 30, 2009

Job Hunter as Advertiser

Every job hunting article will tell you to network, network, NETWORK! Never before has this been so critical. So start telling everyone you know that you need a job. There's no shame in it when so many people have been laid off.

One thing to consider when networking - be as personal as possible. Call instead of email. Write a note card instead of sending a letter. Attend networking events and job fairs and actually TALK to people - other job hunters. Find out what's going on in the job market for your industry. Is there a certain resume format preferred? Do you need certification or more education to be more competitive?

I used to work for a staffing agency, and I can tell you that headhunters are a great resource - when the job market is booming. What does that mean to you? By all means, register with some agencies. But now you've got to do the legwork - check out every job board you know and post your resume there! Don't just surf - put your resume on there so that people can find you. I had a headhunter actually tell me that employers are trying to cut costs, so they are looking for applicants themselves instead of using agencies.

A friend told me about the best job portal in the universe:

ALL job boards listed together so that you can search practically everything available in your area in one place! The only drawback is if the listing is on a job board you're not registered with, you have to join. Yes, it's work, but it's only costing you time.

Get a grown-up email address. Yes, it really does matter. No one can take seriously the applicant whose email is "thepartymachine@hotmail." Your email address is part of your advertising, so get a simple one.

Your resume is part of your advertising too, so tweak it for the current trend. What are the hot key words or phrases that need to be on it? Is it accomplishment-driven? Today's resume needs to show results, achievements. In other words, sell yourself.

We don't have time to give you all the advice you may need, so make sure you Google for resume tips, etc. I recommend,, and for advice, as well as job searching.

Okay, now you got some tools. Time to use free internet classifieds. Yes, you are going to advertise yourself on the internet! - post that resume! Then post an ad under business services if you're self-employed. If you're not self-employed, consider freelancing - post yourself as a business service and try to get some part-time work gigs. - post an ad under services. You need work? People need help. Let them know what you can offer.

Other places where you can also offer your services:
(NY area) - bid-based, but you can still pitch your price to someone in need of a service. Worth investigating and can be used for anything.

Do a Google search for "free classifieds ads" and see what's local to you. Most classifieds have a section where you can look for work, post your resume, or advertise yourself as available - for something, whether is business services, odd jobs, babysitting. What can you offer to people that will make money for yourself?

I know it sucks. Hang in there. The other thing you need to advertise, and this is critical, is OPTIMISM. Keep your spirits up whenever you meet someone. No one wants to help or hire a pessimist. Be cheerful, curious, courteous. And follow-up. It used to be that the early bird got the worm. Now it's the bird who shows the most interest.

And while you're taking a break from job hunting, why not make some money by selling your stuff?,,, and all those online classifieds you just found. Plus, you could write a blog about it! Check out Five Boxes for some ideas.

Good luck and please post your ideas in the comments section! Tomorrow we have a Friday Featured Poet, and in August, I'm back to being an angry poet!


It's monotonous
but necessary to post
on all the job boards.

Starting to hate it.
Always typing the same stuff!
Stupid resume!


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