Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Featured Poet: Kim Northrop

I can't say enough about Kim Northrop! I think every one of her "Bitter Employee" series is brilliant! They're biting, timely, and I think everyong can relate to them. If you're a fan of Dilbert, you'll love her work! And if you're a fan of poetry in general, she writes very eloquent, non-angry poems, too.

For her bio, Kim writes: "Artist & writer living in Snorasota, Florida. But I have a cool yard, so it all works." Ah, Kim, you're so modest! Check out all her awesome stuff at her blog:

And she also has a Zazzle store:

After you read her work, won't you please comment on her blog and tell her which ones you liked? Even better - I will be your friend for life if you pester her for me about putting together a book! Many thanks!

Hey, if you've got some angry haikus, share them with us! If you have at least 3, you can be my next featured poet, so contact me now!

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